Community Initiatives

Strengthening City Heights Through Community Action

As part of our mission to enhance the growth and improvement of City Heights, we collaborate with local agencies on initiatives that support the needs and well-being of the businesses, property owners, 客户, and residents in the community. Our goal through these collaborations is to continue making City Heights a cleaner, 更安全的, and more welcoming place for residents and visitors. 

Homeless Outreach Program

自2019年以来, we have been working collaboratively with local community associations, City Council members Chris Ward and Georgette Gomez, Price Philanthropies, and People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) to implement a new approach to homeless outreach. This new approach shifts outreach efforts away from city police officers and to social workers who are trained in community outreach techniques. Under this new model, an outreach specialist works to build relationships with homeless persons in the area and connect them to housing, support services, and other resources within the community. The program has been well-received by the homeless community in City Heights and North Park, and highly successful in helping homeless individuals secure more stable housing and necessary services.

Homeless person asleep on the sidewalk

City Heights Business Relief Fund

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused financial harm to many small businesses in our community and across the nation, we have joined with the City Heights Community Development Corporation, the El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association, International Rescue Committee, and LISC San Diego to launch the City Heights Business Relief Fund. The Relief Fund is intended to help local small businesses, many of which are minority and woman-owned, keep their doors open during these trying times. Throughout 2020, the City Heights Business Relief Fund awarded $323,000 in grants to 57 local businesses.

Community Advocate Program

The Community Advocate Program is committed to developing and supporting a network of volunteer community leaders who have been trained in addressing neighborhood maintenance and security issues. The goal of the program is to increase the number of issue reports and follow up communications to government agencies to ensure that problems are being addressed, as well as increase the overall civic involvement of residents within the community.

Volunteers of the 清洁 & Safe coalition
Rendering of proposed City Heights Community Sign

City Heights Sign Project

City Heights is one of the only communities in San Diego without a neighborhood sign. In 2019, an opportunity for a sign was presented through the city’s upcoming sidewalk expansion and round-about construction project. The CHBA worked swiftly to present signage plans to the city and has been approved to install a City Heights neighborhood sign at the intersection of Highland Avenue and University Avenue once the city’s construction project is complete in 2023. The CHBA is excited to fund such an important project for the community and highlight City Heights as a destination in San Diego.

Jobs Pilot Program

The Jobs Pilot Program was recently developed in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Funded by a grant from Price Philanthropies, this program seeks to hire City Heights residents that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic for local, 兼职工作. Through this program, the CHBA has already hired eight part-time maintenance staff members to support the work of the 清洁 & 安全程序. Feedback from employees has confirmed that these jobs are helping residents cover expenses such as rent, 食品杂货, 水电费, and school costs. The program is currently set to run for 6 months, with the possibility of renewal.

City Heights Business Association In-House 清洁 & Safe 工作人员 at work cleaning up graffiti